Brain Injury Tracker (BIT) is the mobile application and online platform to ingest the scan information from the BRAD device and provide a portal for lifetime tracking, user management, and data mining. The mobile application, connecting via Bluetooth to the BRAD device, provides management of individual players and an easy-to-use interface. Scans are associated to a user, results shown directly on the device, and a complete set of information uploaded to the online platform for more detailed viewing, aggregation, and tracking.

The BIT platform is a hosted, cloud platform accessible to anyone with an authorized login and is compliant with HIPPA rules and guidelines. It enables the ability to track athletes individually or in groups. Athletes can be managed by league, by team, and by sport. Statistical information, graphs, videos from scans, and all historical information is presented for each athlete and aggregated over groups. The platform allows athletes and parents to manage the accessibility of the information for privacy and restrict who can see information about a youth athlete at any point.
In addition to internal synchronization mechanisms, the platform will have a published RESTful API. With strong integration options for researchers and leagues, data can be utilized providing a best-in-class platform. The platform can also be expanded to cover other applications of mTBI tracking, like the military, as well as applications around the NervIT device.

The platform gives parents and coaches the aggregated, objective information over the lifetime of the athlete. It gives doctors a window directly into the timeline of concussion events and the needed data to make critical, informed decisions. It gives researchers the mass number of data points and demographics to push the envelope in understanding how concussions affect our growing society.