Our Story

Our Story

EyeMarker Systems is an emerging, start-up medtech company focused on the research, development and commercialization of solutions to aid in the assessment and lifetime tracking of mild traumatic brain injury (or “mTBI”, also called “concussion”).

Our current solution under development consists of a hand-held Brain Rapid Assessment Device (BRAD) and Brain Injury Tracker (BIT) mobile application and online software platform.  Upon completion of the research, development, testing, software validation, clinical development and required regulatory clearances or approvals, we intend to manufacturer and distribute BRAD, and support and operate BIT under the tradename BRAD-BIT™.

These devices are urgently needed in a range of markets, including youth sports, adult amateur sports, professional sports, emergency response, eldercare, and military.

Over 20 Years of History

2019 - Now

TBI assessment identified as best application, hardware, and algorithm modifications, and market research.

2014 - 2019

Research into alternate applications, expansion to two-eye monitoring, conceptual development of current BRAD-BIT solution.


Submitted to FDA. Told we needed clinical trials. Management concluded this could not be done on humans due to toxins involved.


Developed and tested in cooperation with the US Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense labs located at Fort Detrick in Maryland.


Licensed a technology for pupil reaction to organophosphate neurotoxins.


Founded to research and develop medical device to assess military personnel for exposure to neurotoxins.